Online Poker 2019 – Best Guide to UK Online Casino

Poker describes a group of similar card games which are a combination of strategy, skill and betting. There are numerous variants, but it is the betting style that remains a constant as an important part of the gameplay. Winners are determined by the combination of cards in each player’s hands, though the winner isn’t always the player with the best combination, as this also depends on the skill that each player has in deceiving their opponents.

Though different variants of poker will have various numbers of cards dealt per player, the style of betting stays more or less the same. The first round always begins with a forced round of betting or blind, and each player will place this bet based on how high they think their hand ranks in comparison to everyone else’s. 

18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

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Online Poker Gameplay – Learn How To Play

The rounds then proceed in a clockwise fashion, with each player matching or raising the previous bet, or folding. If all the players fold bar one, that player can win without having to show their hand. It is in this fashion that, occasionally, a strategic player will win even though they do not possess the best hand. However, if there is more than one player left in the final round, this will become a showdown, and the hands will be revealed with the higher hand taking the pot.

The only time that there are forced bets is at the very start of the game. For the remainder of play, bets placed are completely voluntary by the player. Strategic betting will take place, pushing other players into believing a player has a specific hand. In this way, a lot of poker does come down to chance, with a lot of the outcomes based on probability and the psychology of other players. There are many exhaustive online poker guides that can go into more detail in this area.

A History of Poker – How Did The Popular Game Emerge?

Poker is believed to have been developed sometime in the early 19th century in the United States, and has since become one of the most popular card games in the world. It was first referenced in 1937, where a game of cards was played with each player holding five cards. This game was believed to have been based on the Persian game As-Nas, until, more recently, historians thought perhaps it had more in common with a French game called poque.

However, this is largely relating poker to the sound of the name rather than the style of the game being played. Others believe that poker has more in common with the British game of brag, which incorporated bluffing in the game, and it is likely that this and a number of other games contributed to today’s poker games. There are still others who reject these ideas entirely, as the premise of poker is on gambling, and none of these other card games have this unique feature.

So, with this latter view in mind, today’s poker would have originated much later, around the mid 19th century, where a game was played in the Mississippi area in a variety of forms all using 52 cards. The game was reported as being played in New Orleans in 1829 with 20 cards and four players, all betting on whose hand was the best. As the game caught momentum, there were more rules incorporated and the hand values were standardised, with a few more such as the flush introduced.

In the 20th century, poker tournaments started to spring up, which helped to increase poker’s popularity with the masses. Expert players were pushed into the limelight, making it cool to become a poker player. Later, popular culture began depicting poker as a fun recreational activity.

By the early 21st century, poker was on a dramatic rise due to the increase in technology and the ease with which people could access it. Not only could people now watch tournaments in action, but they could sit at home and enjoying playing themselves. With online poker now available to anyone, we all have the chance to make some poker winnings.

Best Poker Sites Online

There are a number of excellent new casinos and poker rooms available. However, it is important for players to choose one that is not a fraudulent site. Trustworthy sites will have a license and will display it. Having a license means that the site is regulated by a governing body, and will therefore have strict rules by which it must abide, and many of these will be in place to help players not lose their money.

This safety usually comes in the form of security for all payments and monetary transactions, and protection of sensitive client data. There are also regulations in place that require the casino to undergo regular gaming fairness tests to ensure that there is no bias on any of the games.

Another thing to look for when choosing a poker site is what bonuses are on offer. These will vary significantly between sites, and can range from highly lucrative bonuses to ones which are not so great. Also, check any wagering requirements that might come attached to the game. A well-run poker site will offer excellent games and payouts, allowing the player to have a fun time in a safe environment.

Let It Ride Poker

For the late '90s kids, this game probably needs no introduction to you. The reason is that it was trendiest of poker games, among the very first wave of online casinos to appear on the market. But for the uninitiated, Let it Ride is a simple poker-based online casino game in which gamblers get awards based on a five-card hand, without the need to worry about a dealer's hand. It entails cards being revealed and the player decreasing his stake in case the bet does not impress him. The Let it Ride game is still available in a few casinos.

Rules of the Game: At the start, the player has to make three bets of the same size. It is the work of the dealer to issue those cards to the player. The player has an option of either to pull back the first bet or ‘’let it ride’’. There is the first community card which is dealt by the dealer. If the player wins the first round, he has an opportunity to either pull it back or let it ride. The dealer then deals the second community card. The player will receive payment based on the value the first five cards, posted paytable, and remaining bets.

Standard pay table: The standard paytable has different hands which include; Loyal Flush, Straight Flush, Full House, Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind, Flush, Straight, Two Pairs, Tens or Better, and a Loser. All the hands have different pays with loyal flush having the highest and Tens or Better having the lowest. However, the loose hand has no pay. All the winnings are on a “to one” basis. Most casinos follow this standard paytable. A player can play an optional $1 bonus bet which can be staked on all hands except Two Pair, Tens or Better, and Loser hand.

The player can only let it ride when you have three or four cards. 3 Cards strategy * A pair of paying hand (three of a kind, tens or better) * One row having three suited cards *Having three suited cards in one row *3 card straight flush hand having least one high card (Greater or equal to ten) *3 cards straight flush having two high cards. Four card strategy *Any of the different paying hands *4 cards in outside straight hand with one or higher card *4 cards outside straight without high cards * 4 cards inside straight with around four high cards.

Casino Stud Poker

In Casino Stud Poker, the players place their stake on the layout, which is a distinct position on the playing table. All wagers should be placed before the dealer announces bets have ended. The players also have options to partake in the progressive jackpot game prize. This should also be done before all bets are closed, typically in a secluded marked area. The players and dealer each get five cards, faced down. One of the dealer's cards is displayed before the other players can look at their cards. During the game, the players can choose to either fold or play.

To play, a player makes an initial raise, which is an additional stake two times the initial stake amount, into the "Bet" box. A player that decides to fold loses their stake. The dealer then reveals the four-faced down cards when the players have all made a decision. The dealer will only qualify if their hand contains either form of a pair, a king and an ace or any poker hand ranked high. The dealer will then compare their cards to each players' cards, the stake, and the raised stakes of all the players with hands that beat the dealer's hand wins.

When the dealer's hand is not beaten, players will forfeit both the raise and the stake. When a player has the same hand as the dealer, the initial stakes and also the raised bets are returned to the players and no added money would be won. The wagered bets of each player are paid evenly when the dealer's hand is beaten. For the UK, Casino Stud Poker is known officially as the "Casino Five Card stud poker", but the prize jackpot is not offered by all the casinos. The casinos with the jackpot prize have many franchises. They officially named the game to be "the Five-card Casino Jackpot Stud Poker".

For the United Kingdom, the primary rules of the Casino Five-Card stud poker game are similar to that of the United States, but the payouts vary. The max bet is usually up to £100 and £200 for the hand and bet raise respectively. All the wins are paid for the raise, which means the potential max payout can be around £10,000. When the dealer's hand doesn't show a King or Ace, hands involved in the jackpot should be facing up, and, towards the table and dealer. But when there is none involved in the prize jackpot, then the faced down cards will not be shown.