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Entropay - Best Payment Method

Many people use Entropay to create virtual and disposable payment cards that can be used in several countries around the world. This company is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to issue electronic money. The Entropay Visa Card is issued by the Bank of Valletta. You can use this card and stay safe from phishers and online hackers. With this card, your bank details - account number, name etc. - remain confidential. Get a prepaid card and shop like a local. Unlike many other card companies, Entropay doesn't charge late payment fees, interest or over-limit fees.


Please note that, at the time of writing this review, Entropay was not accepting any new members from outside the EU and Norway. In 2018, Entropay stopped issuing Visa Cards to people living outside these two territories. Existing Entropay accounts can be used by people using gambling sites. Its Visa Cards are accepted in all those countries where Visa is used. Please note that Entropay Classic accounts can't be topped up with debit and credit cards.

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How it Works?

To add money to your Entropay account: *Login to your account and click "My Account".*Click the Menu item next to the "Settings" icon. Your Menu item should display your name and other details; *Next, select "Wallet Settings" and then click "Add Money"; *Fill in the required details and initiate the transfer. To avoid paying foreign exchange fees, please use the currency of your own Entropay account. Please fill in the correct information to avoid excess fees. Also write down the reference number elsewhere. It begins with IXS.


To add money to your wallet from your Entropay card: *Select "View Cards" from your Dashboard; *Click "Send to Wallet" and then fill in the required amount; *Click "Send". To top up your Entropay card: *Sign in to your Entropay Card, select "View Cards" from your Dashboard; *Choose the card and then click "Top-Up"; *Choose the Top-Up method (Credit or Debit card, Entropay card or wallet). Follow the on-screen instructions to top up your Entropay card.

Benefits with this Method

  • Wide acceptance
  • Easy
  • Multiple currencies

Disadvantages with this Method

  • High fees
  • Not global
  • Unnecessary charges

Review and Summary

Entropay solves the problem of credit and debit card fraud through its virtual cards. This way you can make payments to people and organisations that you don't recognise. You also do not have to share your card details with strangers. Accepted by millions of merchants, Entropay was the first virtual card to be launched by any European country. Entropay does not charge any late fees. This is because all its cards are prepaid. Neither does it charge other kinds of fees, like signing-up and setting-up charges.


You can make online purchases and still not pay any fees to Entropay. However, this card charges some other kinds of fees, like those on foreign currency transactions. It also charges fees when you top up your card. You can use your Entropay card to set up multiple virtual visa cards for various uses, and also to set up individual credit limits for each of those cards. To sum up, Entropay is a safe and simple way of conducting online transactions.