A gambling license is a permit to operate your gambling business legally. A licensing authority issues it to organisations that offer some form of gambling, such as roulette, poker, and slots. Gambling licenses may depend on the jurisdiction. Obtaining a gambling license is an essential step when entering the world of gambling. A license avoids problems with the law and gains the confidence of your players. The gambling control board creates a set of rules and regulations to govern the way the licensed company operates and has a right to revoke it in case of misconduct. You might be interested in some of the licenses issued by the UK Gambling Commission.


Remote Casino Operating License - The license is issued to any gambling company despite its location in the world (as far as it offers gambling services to UK citizens). It is also issued in case any company's gambling assets are located in Britain, such as servers or headquarters. If you are looking for a new online casino make sure that they have a proper casino license. The license will enable you to offer gambling services via online platforms such as mobile devices, website, and TV. Gambling software businesses must acquire a special casino (host) license in case they need to host the services via other operators’ platforms. In this case, the company owning the license cannot offer gambling services direct to customers (left to the host company).


Remote Gambling Software Operating License – This is issued to all gambling software companies which develop gambling software to Britain casinos. The license is eligible to the company (regardless of the operating location) as far as it gives software services (such as software installation, deployment, and maintenance) to any company licensed by the Gambling Commission. Before you get this license, you must ensure that your software complies with remote gambling and software technical standards issued by Gambling Commission. However, those standards will not govern you in case you offer software services to an overseas company that is not licensed by the Gambling Commission.


Remote General Betting Standard – Real Event – Operating License: It applies to all companies regardless of their area of operation as far as citizens of Britain use their gambling services. Each gambling service must have its separate license. It is important to note that the license is applicable for real events (such as football, horse racing) and not a virtual form of betting. The company must issue the gambling services via a remote communication such as a website. In case you offer both real and virtual gambling, you need an additional license known as general betting (standard) (virtual events) operating license.