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We regularly update our news page with information about which games just have been released or will soon be released on the market. Usually, we provide a brief summary of the game, its manufacturers, features, graphics and game play. In addition to brand new casino games with different themes, you can also read about everything else that happens within the industry.

Odd One In Casino Card Game

Odd One In is an easy and simple card game created by 1x2 Gaming. The Odd One In card game is a mix of roulette and cards. Ever wondered what a mix of both cards and roulette will be like? Odd One In gives you that experience when you play. It is not difficult to understand and it is designed with a feel of a classic table game, Odd One In gives you many ways of winning on based on a straightforward two-card deal outcome. on initially loading the game a red table for betting will be shown to you, and the options for betting displayed clearly to you.The goal of this game is to wager on the sum of two drawn cards, which is pretty straightforward. As the name implies, all the new options for betting are completely dependant on getting odd numbers, therefore there are no options for even numbers available. The first row of the betting options offers options on big numbers, odd numbers, small numbers, and numbers together with suits. The second row has doubles like 5&7, 7&9 and so on. The last row is for the risk takers, here you can bet on just one number, this row offers the highest payout with the number 3 having a 75/1 odd.To start playing, the primary thing you are required to do is choose your wager level from the available chips located at the down part of your screen. You can choose from 10p to a maximum of £200. Once you have chosen your bet you will then be required to choose from the rows one betting options. After doing that, two different cards will then be dealt for you and which will then be turned over, showing the overall sum. If the overall sum is similar to any one of your wagers, you have won. This game is that simple and straightforward with no hidden complications.On Odd One In you can choose to play with luck or skill, you can choose safety or you can go for high stakes. It is totally your call. If you like roulette and also fancy something varying Odd One In will suit you very well. There is also a Return to Player (RTP) of about 97% if you are playing your cards the right way, also there are plenty of various ways to make your bet more exciting by choosing a nice color, number or suit variations. If you are in the mood for adventures, you can win high in this simple and fun new game.

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Red Dog Card Game

In card game books it is known as Yablon, but if, when growing up, you ever played a card game called Acey-Deucey or In-Between, the chances are that you were playing what is now called Red Dog. While it may be offered at a small number of land casinos, it is mainly found online. Red Dog is a pretty simple poker variation and is one of the most straightforward card games that you can play online. Furthermore, a number of online casinos offer players the chance to play for fun, so you can get a feel for the game before betting any real cash.The rules for playing Red Dog are generally the same regardless of which casino you are playing at. It is normally played using a standard deck of 52 cards, but the game is produced by a number of different software providers so the number of decks used can vary. For example, Microgaming and Net Entertainment's versions offered at new uk casinos use the standard single deck, RealTime Gaming's version uses two decks, while Betsoft's version uses a whopping eight decks. Why is this important? Well, the house edge varies depending on the number of decks being played. The greater the number of decks, the lower the house edge.Playing Red Dog is pretty straightforward. Punters place an initial bet (the Ante) and are then dealt two cards. Suits are irrelevant, the card value is key, with Aces being high. The aim of the game is to predict whether the value of a third card will lie in-between the cards already dealt. If the value of the first two cards is a matching pair, a third card is automatically dealt. If that is the same value, the hand is "three-of-a-kind" and results in an 11-1 payout. If the initial two cards have consecutive values, that hand is a "push" and the wager is returned.The fun really starts if the initial two cards have non-consecutive values (e.g. 6 and 9). The difference between them is the "spread", in this case it is 2. Players can now call for a third card and double ("raise") their initial bet. The final decision depends on the value of the spread, which also determines the payout. The smaller the spread, the greater the payout odds. If the value of the third card lies in-between the first two, the player wins, otherwise the bet is lost. The optimal strategy is to only raise when the player has an advantage - a 7+ card spread regardless of the number of decks.

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Gross Gambling Yield

Gross Gambling Yield, abbreviated as GGY, is found by subtracting the payouts of a casino from the income. Payouts are money dispersed to players after they have won. In the case of a player, GGY is found by subtracting the money used to place bets from the money earned. This figure is used to calculate the tax imposed on the player by the state. This is the profit from gambling. It is done by monitoring the progress of the new casino and accounting for its expenses. Casino owners add the money placed as bets by gamers and subtract their winnings. They use this figure to pay their taxes.How does Gross Gambling benefit the economy? As long as there is a positive number on your GGY, you are subject to taxation. With the increase of betting sites, the government has earned revenue from taxes. The sanctions placed on resorts and casinos ordering them to be licenced also brings income to the government. Casino Tourism is a major source of income for governments where gambling has been legalised. Since tourists from all over meet to exhibit their skills in gaming, they have to use transportation, entertainment, accommodation, and other industries during their stay. This causes growth for the specific region.Do free bets affect GGY? Free bets are counted when the player chooses to have the bonus handed to him as the cash equivalent. An increase in gambling yields affect the casino owners at a primary level. Loyalty schemes and promotions that are given to customers are counted as a company expense. With this, a general measure has to be put in place to restrict and control inflation. The duty paid increases with an increase in GGY. To control this, casinos have to audit their accounts. The calculation lets them monitor their income consistently, and it also saves them from the risk of losses.Resorts and casinos have been shut down due to bankruptcy. Though millions of people enjoy gambling, gambling has faced different opinions and criticisms. Nevertheless, it gives you the possibility to earn money in a simple way. There are also various games to choose from. Calculating your gross gambling yield will reveal the possibility to equally lose a lot of money by betting. To decide whether to gamble or not, ask yourself if you are diligent enough to gamble responsibly. Let the money you are losing be a drop in the ocean for you. Be careful not to puncture your bank account.

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Beat me Casino Game

Beat Me is an online casino game that is absolutely free. The gambling game uses 6 decks with each of them having 52 cards with no Joker. Before every hand, the decks are usually shuffled. Deuce or two, is usually the lowest card while the ace is the highest ranked. No suits are considered. Beat Me has a very simple gameplay. All you have to do is to either make a tie or bet in a draw. You will be given one card by the dealer. If you pick a card that is higher as compared to the dealer’s card, you will receive the payout.Beat Me is the kind of game that can be played during the coffee break or even a longer session. This game requires one or more strategies. When you get on the platform, you will come across something that looks similar to the Blackjack table but with some fewer options. You will find a single bet location that has a smaller Tie at the left. The first thing that you need to do is to choose a bet. You can do that by selecting a chip size from a number of options at the bottom left-hand corner. To place your bet, click on the icon labeled “Bet” and then Deal.You may need to go through more steps than this but this only happens when you draw a card with the same value. When that happens, you will have the option of: • Going to war. You will place another bet of the same value as the first that you took • Surrender. You can opt out of that bet and start afresh. If there is a disruption of your game round, all the game information and the bet you had placed will be stored until a time when you reopen that game. After opening, you can continue with the game from the point where it was interrupted.There are initial items that are provided whose role is to remove chips as well as In case. The chips mostly come in credits of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100. To choose your desired chip, all you need to do is to click on it before placing it on the field of betting. You can turn off the voice of the dealer, sound and the card animations. You can also go to settings to make other changes. The game also comes with a detailed help section which has the different models. The game also has a Flash version and therefore you do not need to download it.

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What are Gambling Licences?

A gambling license is a permit to operate your gambling business legally. A licensing authority issues it to organisations that offer some form of gambling, such as roulette, poker, and slots. Gambling licenses may depend on the jurisdiction. Obtaining a gambling license is an essential step when entering the world of gambling. A license avoids problems with the law and gains the confidence of your players. The gambling control board creates a set of rules and regulations to govern the way the licensed company operates and has a right to revoke it in case of misconduct. You might be interested in some of the licenses issued by the UK Gambling Commission. Remote Casino Operating License - The license is issued to any gambling company despite its location in the world (as far as it offers gambling services to UK citizens). It is also issued in case any company's gambling assets are located in Britain, such as servers or headquarters. If you are looking for a new online casino make sure that they have a proper casino license. The license will enable you to offer gambling services via online platforms such as mobile devices, website, and TV. Gambling software businesses must acquire a special casino (host) license in case they need to host the services via other operators’ platforms. In this case, the company owning the license cannot offer gambling services direct to customers (left to the host company). Remote Gambling Software Operating License – This is issued to all gambling software companies which develop gambling software to Britain casinos. The license is eligible to the company (regardless of the operating location) as far as it gives software services (such as software installation, deployment, and maintenance) to any company licensed by the Gambling Commission. Before you get this license, you must ensure that your software complies with remote gambling and software technical standards issued by Gambling Commission. However, those standards will not govern you in case you offer software services to an overseas company that is not licensed by the Gambling Commission. Remote General Betting Standard – Real Event – Operating License: It applies to all companies regardless of their area of operation as far as citizens of Britain use their gambling services. Each gambling service must have its separate license. It is important to note that the license is applicable for real events (such as football, horse racing) and not a virtual form of betting. The company must issue the gambling services via a remote communication such as a website. In case you offer both real and virtual gambling, you need an additional license known as general betting (standard) (virtual events) operating license.

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Best Online Casinos for 2019

With a new year just around the corner, it's time to look at which online casinos you should be checking out in 2019. There are already hundreds of new online casinos and the choices can seem endless, so we have broken it down based on the following criteria: licenses, bonuses, rewards and promotions, payment options and the quality of customer service.  We also looked at the number of gaming choices and providers as well as the playing platforms. So check out our top five choices below for the best online casinos that you should be paying a visit to in 2019. Our first choice for the best online casino for 2019 is the Yeti Casino. This a relatively new site opened in 2017, offering a smooth operation that aims to make things easy for players. Available in multiple languages and with a dedicated customer service team 24-hours a day, this casino also offers plenty of amazing games.  Choice number two is the VegasHero Casino, a funky site offering gaming options from big names such as Net Entertainment. This site is secured using SSL encryption and can be accessed via the instant play version or it can be downloaded onto most mobile phone operating systems. For our third choice, check out the offerings at 1xslots Casino. This is a massively popular gaming site, again available in several languages, with 24-hour live chat support, and with a multitude of payment options. It is instant play, mobile-friendly and has some seriously big game providers. The fourth choice makes the list not only due to its cracker of a name, Slotty Vegas, but also because of its huge game selection.  Featuring live chats available 24-hours a day, no withdrawal limits, mobile-friendly technology, and multiple European languages, Slotty Vegas seems like it will be a whole load of fun! Our fifth and final choice is Bet 365 casino due to its huge choice of gaming options offered by the best gaming providers. Again, live chat 24-hours a day, unlimited withdrawal and a mobile-friendly interface are all available. Bet 365 offers a good variety of slots, live casino and table games available on instant play supported by multiple devices.  The five choices above are all good contenders for the best online casino for 2019. So with the countdown to the New Year not far away, how about you check out our top five best online casino choices, give them a whirl and have lots of online fun.

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Greatest Casino Players of All Time

For centuries, we have had casino players who have captured the attention of the world and marked their place in gambling history. One of these players was a Greek-American known as Archie Karas, who is now considered a legend in the gambling world. He is known for his incredible winning streaks between 1992 and 1995 when he was able to turn $50 into over $40 million. This is considered to be the largest winning streak ever documented. He went on to lose his entire fortune, but even before this winning streak, he had already won and lost millions of dollars. Nick Dandolos, a player from Greece was mostly referred to as the king of gambling. Born in 1883 to some wealthy parents, he went to the USA as a young man and settled in Chicago, where he lived on a generous allowance from his parents. He started gambling on horse racing in Montreal. He became successful in betting on horse racing and won quite a fortune. He then went to Chicago where he lost everything while playing dice and card games. In his entire life, Dandalos went on to win and lose everything and he summarised his story as from rags to riches and again to rags. Another great casino player was John Montagu - a British statesman who lived during the 18th century. He played a role in politics and military and was a keen gambler in his spare time. The reason why he appears in this list is not that he made it big in gambling, but because he invented the sandwich. It is said that during his many gambling sessions, he would order four meat slices placed between bread slices. His gambling buddies took note of his habit and started to make the same order. This made the snack popular and they called it a sandwich - a name that has stuck since then. Another popular casino player was Kerry Packer, a media mogul from Australia who is also considered a legend in casino circles. Kerry was a popular businessman who was also wealthy and was the founder of the World Series Cricket. However, his gambling exploits will also remain in the annals of the casino history. He usually made large horse racing bets on top of his casino exploits. He often gambled for the highest stake available, and he had losing streaks running into millions of dollars. He did, however, also have some decent winning streaks. Unlike many other high rollers, his reputation was excellent for settling markers fast.

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Blackjack Strategies

Lovers of gambling will agree that blackjack is one of the most exciting forms of betting as it guarantees you endless fun. However, it is a game where you can lose a lot of money, and fast. But, having said that, if you are smart when playing, you can still make quite a bit of money from it.  There are a number of different strategies that you can employ to ensure maximum winnings and minimum loses. All of them give you the best possible chance to beat the dealer and bring some money home. If you follow them, you will enjoy blackjack online even more. Win Little By Little - This is also known as the conservative blackjack strategy. To play with this strategy, you should raise your stake a little after you have won a round. If you play like this, if you lose twice in a row but win your next two stakes, you should recover your losses and gain a small profit. With this strategy, you should not raise your stake when you lose. The assumption of this strategy is that winning or losing comes in streaks. After gambling for a period of time, you will develop a sense that there is a sequence of wins and fails. The Martingale Strategy - This is a more aggressive approach. It is better suited for experienced gamblers who have a lot of money to wager as it is one which requires a lot of guts. With this strategy, you double your stake every time you lose. It sounds crazy, but even if you lose a lot of cash during the first few bets, your next win will change the situation. Given that you have been doubling the losing bets, the next win bet will be so high that it covers the lost money. However, you must stop when you get a win higher than the initial bankroll. 1-3-2-6 Blackjack Betting Strategy - It is a strategy that can be used if you have little to stake. You should only use this system when you are winning and drop it after your next loss. For example, if your first bet was €10 and you win three consecutive times, the betting pattern should be like €10-€30-€20. After you lose, you should return to the initial €10 bet. The strategy gives you a systematic approach to the game. It helps to gain maximum control of your game since you don’t have to have a random selection of bets. 1-3-2-6 gives you a long-term solution to blackjack gambling.

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Tips for Slot Players

There are often many articles written about tips on how to beat slot games and win the jackpot. Whilst the machines can ultimately never truly be beaten, there also some suggestions that can offer a helping hand in how to strategise the best ways to play.  These strategies can at least increase the odds of a win by being smart with the slots. Useful slot tips should consider the odds of winning, size of the potential winnings, free spins no deposit, how much needs to be wagered and the playing time. You should also consider how entertaining it is to play a certain type of slot. Tip 1: Always play games that are in line with your interests and match your playing style. It is important to choose a slot game that keeps you entertained and that you enjoy. Tip 2: Always play within your bankroll. Simply put, this means that if you have a limited budget, stick to the lower wager slots so that you can play more games and hence a bigger chance of winning. Tip 3: Related to tip 2, always be prepared to stop playing if you have hit your limit and obey the golden rule of never playing with money that you cannot afford to lose.Tip 4: The higher the denomination of the slot, the higher the potential payout will be. For example, if you only wager $0.25 and proceed to win the jackpot, the maximum jackpot amount will only be $1,250; but if you wager $2.50 the amount will be much higher - a $12,500 jackpot. Tip 5: If you are playing progressive slots, then you ought to ensure that you are eligible for the jackpot by betting at least the minimum required number of coins. If you do not have enough bankroll to bet the minimum, then you should really think about choosing a different game.Tip 6: Avoid the "hot" and "cold" myths. These are the myths whereby people assign likelihoods to a machine paying out based on the last time that they actually did so. Some people may be surprised that the last time a machine paid out does not affect the next time that the machines decide to unload its sweet cash. So, do not be tempted to stick to a slot because you think it’s high time it coughed up, likewise don't avoid a slot because it just paid up. One must always remember that in the world of slot games, your luck and the chance of winning is ultimately random.

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Wagering Requirements Guide

If you are a fan of betting, you might have had a situation where you have received a hefty bonus, but you cannot withdraw it to your cash winning. Sometimes you might be mad at the casino provider thinking they are trying to steal from you. The fact is, you failed to read the wagering requirements of the new online casino. To be more specific, wagering requirements are merely the amount of cash you will need to stake to unlock your bonus winnings and have them deposited into your account. In almost every casino, you will not withdraw the bonus before you complete the wagering requirement. Wagering requirement comes as a multiplayer in any stake. It just represents the number of times you are required to play through that bonus before you can withdraw the real cash. For example, if you receive a bonus in a casino amounting to $10 with a wagering requirement of 20x, it means you must spend $200 in betting before you can unlock the $10 bonus. In case you make any winning while trying to achieve the wagering requirement, it will be kept pending until you meet the requirement. The only thing you can do is to spend the winnings on betting to work down the wagering requirement. The wagering requirement for any bonus will apply from the time you accept the bonus. It is always a nightmare for any new gambler after accumulating bonuses in the name of free spins, welcome bonus, etc. Most of them tend to give up when they discover that their reward is tied to a wagering requirement. Those wagering conditions vary in different casinos and also the type of the game. Other games do not contribute to wagering requirements. Some of the casinos can tie a wagering requirement on the amount deposited or the bonus offered while others apply to bonus only. What we should understand is, casinos are in business to make money. It will not be a nice venture to give away free cash. They will make sure that you wager that bonus a certain number of times before you get it. The big tempting bonuses are there to market the casino and woo the gamblers to register. In most of the casinos, you can opt not to accept the bonus awarded. Bonuses are there to increase game excitement and also increase the length of play. It is essential that before you join any online casino, you read and understand the wagering requirements found on their terms and conditions page.

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Tips and Tricks

In addition to news articles, we also share tips and tricks on how to improve your winning chances online. It can be strategies in roulette or what types of games you should try to avoid in order to win a lot of money. The tips and tricks section of our news page also contains explanations of some important parts of online gambling, like the wagering requirements.

Another important thing to know as a casino player is something called the RTP. It means “Return to Player” and is a number in percent. Usually all the slot machines have around 95-97%. The higher this number is, the better are your chances of actually winning money on a slot machine. These things are really important to know before you start playing. For beginners, all this information is invaluable, as it quickly gives an insight into how to play smart, safe and strategic.

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