Casinos not on Gamstop

Gamstop is a reputed online service that allows players to request self-exclusion from gaming activities in the United Kingdom. These include casinos, slots and other types of gambling. We strongly recommend anyone with a former gambling problem not to sign up to any of these casinos!

In recent times, problem gambling has been recognised as a critical issue: Now it is included in the official list of psychological disorders.

Many self-excluded players search for ‘Non-Gamstop Casino Sites’ because they’re not allowed to register or play online for a specified period with Gamstop Casinos.

Self-exclusion from online gambling os regarded as a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it manages a severe addiction and prevents players from playing over their budget. It prevents people from engaging themselves in any online gaming activities for a specified period.

However, on the other hand, several players search online for casino sites not registered on Gamstop. This helps those players to continue playing even if they have registered for the self-exclusion program.

Gambling Sites not registered on Gamstop 2020

The main reason is that once a player opts for the self-exclusion program, the casino operators won’t accept them to register or play at their gaming sites.

That is why such players keep searching for an online casino, and not on Gamstop where they can freely signup and play without any hassles.

If you are one of those people who have made the impulsive decision of self-excluding yourself from online gaming activities, here is how you can experience the thrill once again.

In this comprehensive review, we have tried to offer detailed information for those people who are interested in registering and playing at an online casino outside the United Kingdom:

  • List of gambling sites not on Gamstop 2020.
  • Features of casinos not on Gamstop in the UK.
  • Pros and cons of playing at a non-Gamstop gaming site.
  • Deposit options available at online casinos not on Gamstop.

18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

150 Spins
£1 200 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

150 Spins
£1 000 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

150 Spins
£1 500 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

200 Spins
£2 000 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

250 Spins
£3 000 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

Terms: 1. x20 (x40 for UK players) wagering on deposit and bonus and x35 on free spins 2. Deposit bonus may be used on fugaso, betsoft, gamescale and groove gaming providers. Free spins are available on play n’ go, the restricted geos however (UK, FR, IT, AUS) will get it on betsoft. Valid: Thursday, December 6th 2018 – Sunday, January 6th 2019

150 Spins
£1 500 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

£6 000 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

£5 000 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

£2 400 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

66 Spins
£4 000 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

150 Spins
£1 500 Max Bonus

Brief Overview of Gamstop

Gamstop has been hailed as the next big multi-operator national self-exclusion system.

It is making the process for any player identified to have a problem easier. It enables a much more comfortable process to self-exclude from any gaming activities at online casinos.

Now, instead of going through every online casino site to exclude oneself, it is simple to register the details at Gamstop only once. There will be a verification process for the player’s enrolled in the self-exclusion program.

After that, the registered and verified individuals are not allowed to register and play at any online casino who’s part of the program. Even if they are already registered, they are still unable to play at that online casino.

All casinos that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or that are the members of remote gambling association are excluded from the list of sites available.

This program will run alongside each online casino who operators a self-exclusion program. So, if anyone wants to exclude themselves from any casino maybe for a different reason other than problem gaming, they can.

Just going through the current procedure eliminating themselves from that particular casino and any sister sites owned by that operator.

Workings of Gamstop

It is an excellent program and extremely popular amongst players who experience gaming issues and playing frequently.

Over the past few years, there has been an unprecedented rise in online gaming, and due to this, more and more people are experiencing money problems and gambling issues.

There are financial problems in 1 out of every 5 homes in the UK. People are placing vast amounts at online casinos and not being able to justify it.

Now, this is where Gamstop steps in to help those people. It is a free service, hard to get around, where online punters can sign up to restrict themselves from placing more funds at online casinos.

Impacts of Gamstop registration

Once registered at Gamstop, the player’s barred from playing at online casinos, and this is achieved using the Gamstop software.

Once the financial and personal data is uploaded on the Gamstop system, and the player tries to register or log in at any online casino with the same details, they would be blocked instantly.

People can choose the time of duration for which they’ll be signed up for this self-exclusion program. The period can be either six months or 1 year.

At any point in time, they can cancel the selected time by contacting Gamstop over email or telephone and asking them to cancel their account.

Registering at Gamstop

To successful register for this self-exclusion program, the players must provide the following details to Gamstop to confirm their identity. It includes:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Address with Post Code

It is crucial to note that you cannot register at Gamstop for another individual, but you can help someone who is troubled with problem gaming and needs help.

After the registration process, Gamstop will send a message to the email address summarising the details of self-exclusion from online gaming. It takes at least 24 hours for the self-exclusion program to get active.

After that, the concerned player would not be able to login or register themselves at any online casino which is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

The exclusion period can be for six months, one year or 5 years, depending on the option given by the player.

After the minimum duration period’s been completed, the self-exclusion will remain in force until the player returns to Gamstop to remove it by going through the proper application process.

After registering at Gamstop, the players must keep their details up to date by giving details if they have shifted to a new place, changed the surname or got a new email address.

It is the responsibility of the concerned player to make sure the details given by them are accurate and updated from time to time.

Risks of Playing at Casino Not on Gamstop

Gamstop is indeed a nice feature, but there are some drawbacks of playing at online casinos not blocked by Gamstop. There are a number of offshore casinos with their license outside the UK, allowing Gamstop blocked players to sign up.

Firstly, if the player decides to register at any casino using a different name, email address or any other personal details, the casino operator will assume someone else is registering to play the games.

You might be aware of this already, but we thought it would be better to remind everyone that playing with more than one account at online casinos is strictly forbidden.

It is evident in the Terms and Conditions page on each operator’s website. The main reason behind this is that online casinos want to stop players from taking advantage of the bonuses and special promotions more than once.

An excellent example of this is when a player registers numerous accounts at the same casino just to redeem the welcome bonus offered by them.

Further risks with Non-Gamstop sites

Another risk of playing at casino sites not on Gamstop is the issue with player identity. These days, almost every online casino would ask for the scanned copy of ID proof while registering.

If the player uses a different name during sign up process and uploads an ID proof with another name, they can land themselves in big trouble.

Not only this act is illegal, but the player will be flouting the rules and other terms. As a result, the player and his IP address will be permanently blocked with none of the winnings, if any, would be paid out.

Contact through Marketing Also Targeted

While registering at an online casino, you are giving your email address, contact details and mobile number. The casino sends details of any offers or bonuses running at any given time to your email address.

The problem over here is that if you have opted for the self-exclusion program, then the marketing emails, circulars and text messages continue to come.

It convinces the players to go out and start to register at online casinos that are not on Gamstop and commence playing.

Using the same method as the player tries to sign up a new casino account, the operator will check the database for self-excluded members on Gamstop before any email is being sent out.

So, any player who’s registered with this self-exclusion program, they would be removed from the casino operators mailing list.

Hence, the risk of continued problem gambling’s drastically reduced because there are no marketing offers to entice people to register and start playing once again.

Features of Online Casinos Not on Gamstop

When any player signs up for the self-exclusion program at online casinos, but they’re forbidden from participating in any casino site that’s part of Gamstop.

If they still want to play, they would have to find a casino not listed on Gamstop. By doing so, this allows players to register, deposit funds and star the favourite games without any interruption.

All the legitimate online casinos in the UK are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and also signed up with Gamstop.

Players are now forced to find offshore casinos for playing, but here is some information about casino sites that are not on Gamstop.

  1. Gambling License: MGA and Curacao are highly reputed online gaming commissions. They offer license to the casino operators to provide services to players across the globe. Since the UK Gambling Commission requires Gamstop registration, all the available non-Gamstop casinos will receive licensing from an offshore gaming commission. In the list featured above, we provide a list of MGA and Curacao licensed online casinos that accept players from the UK where people can play even if they have registered themselves at Gamstop.
  2. Currencies: Online casino sites not covered by Gamstop are not primarily targeted to the Brits but for other international players. For this reason, you will never find such casinos offering GBP as the main currency for online deposits and withdrawals. Non-Gamstop casino sites, you can send and receive funds using two leading currencies, namely EUR and US Dollars. There is a myriad of payment processors available that allows players to convert GBP into the currencies mentioned above.
  3. Players Acceptance: When a casino is based offshore and licensed by a foreign gaming commission, it will accept players from all corners of the world as long as online gambling’s not prohibited in that country. For this reason, many UK players prefer playing at international casinos not using Gamstop. People can freely register at such casinos and deposit money to play games without any restrictions.

Slots not on Gamstop

People can play online slots, and table games from the reputed software providers in the iGaming industry like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming and PLAY’n GO.

The non Gamstop sites offer a similar gaming experience and thrills just like any regular UK based online gaming hubs and most of the same game providers will be represented.

These operators provide hundreds of different video slot titles, blackjack games, roulette and scratch card. Check out the list above to find the best online casinos not registered on Gamstop.

Advantages of Playing at Online Casinos not on Gamstop

Websites that are not on Gamstop offers an opportunity to play the favourite games once again. If you regret the decision of signing up for the self-exclusion program from Gamstop, there is no need to feel sorry any more.

You can still have the chance to play at the casino sites featured in the list above. Here are some of the benefits of playing at an offshore casino, not on Gamstop.

  • These casinos don’t cause any problems during the self-exclusion period. You can freely register at the non Gamstop casino and play your favourite games easily.
  • The Gamstop service has an extensive network of registered casino operators, but many online casinos are out of its reach.
  • If you prefer playing, we recommending registering at these casinos and you would not experience any problems with your Gamstop request later on.

At the same time, the non Gamstop casinos don’t have any limits or restrictions. All the casinos in the United Kingdom that are licensed by UKGC impose several restrictions on bonus offers and online transactions.

Offshore Casinos and the lack of Gamstop

The offshore casinos that are not a part of the self-exclusion program offer complete freedom and several privileges to the players.

Players can choose from a wide range of reputed banking methods for hassle-free deposits and higher withdrawal limits.

Online casinos not on Gamstop offer several enticing promotions in comparison to the UK based casinos. UK Gambling Commission monitors and regulates bonuses and promotions at online casinos within the United Kingdom.

For this reason, you won’t come across a casino that offers a high percentage deposit match bonus or extraordinary promotions.

At British casinos not on Gamstop, you can choose from several enticing promotional offers like 500% welcome bonus and no deposit welcome bonus.

Demerits of Joining Online Casinos Not on Gamstop

Next, to all the advantages, there are some shortcomings when it comes to playing at non-Gamstop casinos. You need to understand why you have registered at Gamstop in the first place.

The non-registered Gamstop casinos might be a blessing in disguise for self-excluded players, but it has its share of disadvantages discussed below.

These casino sites allow you to register and play games even if you have decided to quit in the first place. Your initial instinct was to stop playing online casino games.

Gamstop blocks your gaming activity at all UKGC licensed casinos, but unfortunately, many casinos are not on Gamstop.

If you are suffering from problem gambling, and you seem to get further addicted, please seek help. Online Casinos should be fun!

There are minimal payment options available for online transactions. If you register and start playing at casino sites, not on Gamstop, there are very few banking methods available.

At the same time, the available payment processors are available in other currencies like USD and GBP. The casinos might charge extra money for converting the Pound currency to USD or GBP for online deposits or withdrawals. Also, most of the casinos are offshore, and you won’t find reliable payment options like PayPal.

There is no money-saving nor proper fund management while playing at offshore casinos that are not on Gamstop. You would not be able to control your bankroll and spend more money than you can afford.

Gamstop is an excellent service that stops players from game addiction-related problems. Your gaming spending will increase considerably, and there is no way to put a stop on it.

So, in turn, can cause a severe financial crisis, and it will be challenging to manage the daily household and other related expenses.

Similar Tool and Organisations like Gamstop

Gamstop’s regarded as the best non-profit organisation that deals with problem gaming amongst players in the United Kingdom.

There are several other alternatives available apart from Gamstop that can prevent game addiction-related problems.

Not important why you need the alternative, what’s important is to know where to get help when you need it the most.

Here’s a list of similar tools and organisations that work the same as Gamstop:

  • Gamcare: It is the 2nd most popular organisation in the UK that helps in building healthy gaming habits. They have been in existence since 1997, and over the time of more than two decades, they have offered psychological help and support to the needy ones. Their services include Netline (live chat) and Helpline, available all seven days a week.
  • Limits & Time Outs: They are a popular tool when it comes to fighting against problem gaming. Players can set monthly, weekly or daily spending limit while playing games at online casinos. At the same time, the tool helps players to take a break from regular gaming activities. It is an innovative tool that puts a check on the spending limits and keeps the bankroll in control.
  • Netnanny: It is popular software that works on all smartphone and tablet devices running on iOS, Android and Windows operating system. Since it is web filtering software, it is ideal for the problem gamers. It restricts access to the popular online casinos, making it impossible to register and play at those gaming hubs.


  1. Is it possible to cancel the self-exclusion program?

It is possible to do so, but it is not that easy. Gamstop is designed to help problem gamers who cannot help themselves. To end this program, the concerned person should contact the support team at Gamstop and arrange to de-register themselves.

  1. Is Gamstop free of cost?

It’s a free program, and people don’t need to pay a single penny to register online. It restricts online gaming activities for a specific time like six months or 1 year. Gamstop offers free registration, and people can update their contact details with no cost at all.

  1. How long does Gamstop last?

An independent self-exclusion service and not affiliated with any gaming commission. When players register, they can choose the exclusion period for six months, one year or 5 years. Once served, players need to contact Gamstop again to arrange further exclusion time.

  1. Do casino sites, not on Gamstop have tax free winnings?

Tax-free winnings do not depend on the operator which is a member at Gamstop but on UKGC license. Winnings at online casinos that are licensed and regulated by UK Gambling Commission but not on Gamstop are entirely tax-free. Online casinos that are part of other jurisdictions like Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao impose a tax on the winning amount.

Gamstop Summary

Gamstop is indeed the best self-exclusion program to help the problem gamers fight addiction. The only issue is that people can join other online casinos that are not licensed by UKGC.

Many online casinos are licensed with UK Gambling Commission but not registered with Gamstop.

If you are a problem gamer and want to put a check on your rising expenses, it’s high time you enrol for the self-exclusion program at Gamstop.

The exclusion period can be for six months, one year or 5 years. Once you are stable and get rid of addiction-related problems, you can cancel the self-exclusion program by getting in touch with Gamstop.

Online casino games are for fun and enjoyment. So, playing real money games once in a while can help get rid of daily stressful activities.

However, please don’t make it a part of life by indulging in heaving gaming activities. Play safe and be a responsible gamer!